Matamoras Rod & Gun Club

More 2008 Cowboy Action Shoot Photos


The Matamoras Mavericks with their gun carts set up camp for the day.

Lead Poison shooting the Holy Black.


I.C. Moose with some two fisted action.












Moss Reardon doesn't let 'em get away without paying.

Judge Zaney Grey dispenses his brand of frontier justice










James Samuel Pike defends the town from an Indian raiding party

Scalawag Joe takes aim on some pesky birds

Hammerin Steel lays out some varmints with his trusty Winchester '73

Abe The Crippler lets 'em have it with his Winchester '87

Tom "Duke" Payne takes steady aim, but only "wings 'em"

Esmeralda "dressed to kill" and her horse "Gamer"